Southern Songs LTD Audio Services - Original and Cover songs by Paul Newell
* All Instruments and vocals performed, recorded and mixed by Paul Newell
Puerto Montt Tributo a Eduardo Franco Música: Los Iracoundos Voz: Paul Newell Produced by: Howard Tucker & Paul Newell © 2000 Southern Songs L.T.D.
© 2000 Southern Songs L.T.D. 
Música Peruana Instrumental Música: Paul Newell © 2004 Southern Songs L.T.D.
Christmas Songs- Benefit Corpus Cristi Parrish San Juan de Miraflores Lima - Perú Music: Paul Newell © 2011 Southern Songs L.T.D.
Noche de Primavera Mas canciones de los Iracundos Música y Voz: Paul Newell © 2001 Southern Songs L.T.D.
The Beatles Cover Songs Music and vocals: Paul Newell © 2006 Southern Songs L.T.D.
Your Eyes Music and Vocals: Paul Newell All songs written by Paul Newell © 2012 Southern Songs L.T.D.
Reprocessed Music and Vocals: Paul Newell All Songs Written by Paul Newell Except * By John Lennon © 2013 Southern Songs L.T.D.